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Soccer Disc Cones Set With Holder for Training

  • ULTIMATE TRAINING SET – The only agility disc cone set that includes 50 Pro Disc Cones, mesh carrying bag, cone holder.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – made of soft flexible plastic, easy to take with when outside training. Great bounce can easily bear human bodyweight stepping on it.
  • STACKABLE – The disc cones can be stacked together to increase the obstacle height, and also can resist the wind during the outdoors training.
  • IDEAL FOR TRIANING - Ideal markers for agility drills and course boundaries. Different colors can be applied in to different team games or team activities. Durable and not easy to out of shape, withstanding heavy use, whatever the weather or playing environment, these cones are up to the task!
  • GREAT GIFT - Can be used for boundary markers, speed agility drills, obstacles, targets, etc. A great gift idea for kids, coaches, athletes, or anyone else who loves sports.

Xwin Bow and Arrow Set for Kids Archery Set with Target and 3 Arrows – Shooting 2 Arrows at Once with LED Lights for 3+ Years Old Children


With repetition, your child's hand-eye coordination will become even better and help them progress into higher levels of archery. If you'd like to start improving your child's hand-eye coordination before they use an archery set

If you’re looking for an extracurricular activity for your child that will help teach them patience while improving focus and building self-confidence, archery is it! In fact, a Cambridge study revealed that students involved in extracurricular activities experienced more positive perceptions of social-emotional security than those who did not.